KabbalaHebrew™ (KabHeb™) opens up the study of Kabbalah and spiritual Hebrew to all those who love the values and the vision of the Biblical faith.

KabbalaHebrew is your portal into the amazing world of Galilean Judaism! Beginning September 1, 2014, contact Rabbi Monty to learn more about newly translated short Midrash teachings and courses which bring an ancient spiritual Judaism tradition to light.

Rabbi Monty Eliasov dba presents a view of Kabbalah greatly influenced by Humanistic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, CG Jung, and Taoist teachings.

  • He teaches the Dao of Kabbalah through the Sefer Yetzirah;
  • shows how many fundamentals of Kabbalah were taught by the rabbis of the 5th century in a literature generally called the Midrash literature;
  • amplifies the panentheistic theology of the Baal Shem Tov by translating texts not available in English at this time;
  • shows that Kabbalah and its connection to Universal Wisdom requires a more global view of spirituality while at the same time heralding the Hebrew language itself as a repository of Kabbalah values.

Rabbi Monty Eliasov, carefully analyzing the main points of many Kabbalah texts, has concluded that a thorough understanding of the uniqueness of each Hebrew letter and vowel can bring us closer to appreciating the tone and cadence of the language, and shows that there are teachings inherent in the Keywords of the Hebrew Bible that cannot be captured in any translation.

This web site (in
Teach Yourself Hebrew) provides free instruction to all those who wish to study the very basics of the Hebrew language. This is accomplished through a six lesson series of study and lecture materials plus an MP3 with Hebrew songs and chants that aim to reinforce the material.
All the other areas of study are available at this point in time only through institutions of religious learning.  
See the web page In-Person Courses for more details about the various introductory lecture classes and the new online and seminar study programs.  To arrange a course of study for your place of worship, please use the contact information provided, or press the "Contact me" link below.